I started my trombone studies at the age of 15 in the town of Cuiabá in Mato Grosso, Brazil with my teacher Isaac Silva. A few months later, I continued my studies under teacher Jorival and was able to perform for the first time with the UFMT Orchestra at the TRIANON-Campos of Goytacazes Theater in Rio de Janeiro. In 2003, I participated in the Brazilian International Festival, where I received trumpet lessons, e.g. Radegundes with Feitosa and Vittor Santos. In 2004, I attended a workshop by trombonist Marco Della Facera. In 2005, I participated in the Master Class Harmony and Improvisation of saxophonist Ademir Jr.

2009-2013 MPB Jazz Trombone and Trombone Scholar studies at the Conservatory of Drama and Music by Dr. Carlos de Campos Tatuí in Sao Paulo. At that time, my teachers were Alan Palma, Marcelo Bam Bam, Paul Signore, Fabio Leal and André Marques. After three years of study, I joined the Big Band of the Tatuí Conservatory, where I had the opportunity to play with the following musicians: trumpet player Diego Garbin, guitarist Sandro Albert and saxophonist Eduardo Neves.
After graduating from the Tatuí Conservatory in 2014, I was invited to perform with pianist Gustavo Bombonato on a cruise ship to Finland. Shortly after that 49-day cruise agreement, I moved to Finland. Starting a new life in a new country was not easy, but I overcame challenges with the language. After moving to Finland, the first bands were  Sambaki and Star Pattern, next I joined the Tapiola Big Band. In 2018, I worked for two months on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean in the ship’s big band. Between 2018 - 2020 I started playing with renowned musicians in Finland like for example,
Eero Koivistoinen, Antti Sarpila,   Marzi Nyman, Manuel Dunkel,      Maria Ylipää, Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen, Karri " Paleface " Miettinen, Tommy Lindgren, Lasse " Redrama " Mellberg, Jukka Eskola, Kalevi Louhivuori. n 2019, I started studying at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to update my music degree to Finnish.